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Food and Your Child

Healthy Attitudes and Harmonious Meals

For young children, food is love. And the love connection between you, your child, and food is very important. This 27-page article explores the emotional and social role of food in your child's life and in your family life. As a child grows and individuates, parents experience the delicate balance between providing for their child's nutritional needs and fostering their child's independence concerning their food choices. This complex process sometimes results in challenging power struggles concerning food, often at mealtimes.

Food and Your Child: Healthy Attitudes and Harmonious Meals examines the important relationship between you, your child and food. This article offers strategies to avoid food conflicts before they arise and to encourage your child's healthy attitudes toward food. Techniques are explored to reduce power struggles at meals so that mealtimes are times of important family connection. This article explores healthy food attitudes and provides words, skills, and strategies to help strengthen the loving, healthy connection between you, your child, and food.

    Healthy Food Attitudes
  1. Food is Love
  2. Four Healthy Food Attitudes for Your Child
  3. Four Healthy Food Attitudes for Your Family
    Food Strategies
  1. Breakfast
  2. Snacks
  3. Your Child's Snack Drawer
  4. Your Child's Refrigerator Shelf
  5. Encouraging Healthy Choices
  6. Limiting Less Healthy Choices
  7. Weight Issues: Overweight? Underweight?
  8. Food Restrictions: Allergies, Sensitivities, Religion, Family Preferences
    Harmonious Meals: Guidelines, Props, Games, Your Family Food Team
  1. Guidelines for Preserving Your Sanity
  2. Props
  3. Games
  4. Your Family Food Team
  1. Picky Eaters or Selective Eaters?
  2. Snacks and Juice, But No Meals
  3. Food as Reward? Withdrawing Food as Punishment?
  4. Not Hungry at Dinner, But Hungry at Bedtime
  5. Eating at Grandma's
  6. Your Own Food History
  7. Summary

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