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Separation Anxiety

Helping Your Child Separate with a Smile

Independence is an important goal for every child. Positive separation experiences are a crucial part in fostering your child's independence. Solid separations are special gifts that you can provide for your child. This article explores goals, guidelines, tools, techniques, and emotional issues involved in parent-child separation anxiety in general. This article explores anticipatory activities to help process separations beforehand as well as in-the-moment words and techniques to ease the transition at your child's time of separation.

  1. Solid Separation Experiences
  2. Anticipatory Strategies
    • Anti-Anxiety Vocabulary: Strong and Powerful, Safe and Comfortable
    • Play: Theme, Games, Songs and Fingerplays, Books
    • Structured Focused Activities
  3. In-the-Moment Words and Techniques
    • Concrete Sensory Connections: Verbal, Tactile, Visual, Auditory, Olfactory
    • Choices
  4. Summary
  5. FAQs

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