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When my kids were young, I felt jealous that they went to fun summer camps and had lots of play dates with their friends, but my work schedule was the same. I wanted my kids' summer vacation-so where was my Parent Summer Camp experience?

When I was a stay-at-home mom for several years, each summer I decided that I would give myself weekday "half-camps." I worked really hard every morning doing chores-wash, grocery shopping, cleaning, even making dinner in the morning. I tried to finish my work before noon and then take the rest of the day off to relax and do some fun things for myself-taking the kids to the pool or reading magazines or knitting when I was not carpooling or tending to the kids. At first it was hard to put my own pleasure first when there were nooks and crannies of time, but it was so sweet when I did that.

When I was a working mom (working outside my home, that is), during the summer months I tried to relax all of my expectations-simpler meals, dirtier house, piles of laundry, etc.-so that I had more down time for myself. I tried to designate at least one long morning on the weekends where I would arrange for the kids to be taken care of and I would just pleasure myself (although it was hard not to use that time for uninterrupted chores-it does take self-control). These "Me Mornings" were like mini-spas, even if I just sat outside, read a book and ate a muffin. To have unscheduled, uninterrupted time to think only of myself was pure luxury.

Having a Single Parent Summer Camp is very challenging. It takes coordination and swapping children with another supportive, usually single parent, so that you can have a mini-break after work or on the weekend. But so worth it for body and soul!

It's not easy, but all parents need a Parent Summer Camp experience. After daydreaming about your camp pleasures, it's worth the time and effort deciding how to include these activities in your summer schedule.

Only you can enroll yourself in Parent Summer Camp. You don't need a note from your mother. (You have my permission!) Sign yourself up today. The cost of Parent Summer Camp: priceless.

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