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Nurturance: Planning for Soulful Times

Happy Family

A question that changes our resolution perspective is: how can I best nurture my family and myself in the coming year? This is a good time to reflect on the past year and think of the most enriching, fulfilling, connecting, joyful family times. This could be a good family mealtime activity where everyone talks about their favorite family times in the past year.

When did they occur, how did they happen? Were they on weekends, vacations, in the car, preparing dinner, at Grandma's, at bedtime? Someone might even want to record these in a Family Journal.

And then, how can we arrange for more of those soulful times? Is now the time to plan a summer vacation or to promise an extra ten minutes each night for bedtime stories? Rituals can anchor a family, especially rituals with food: which special times can be ritualized? Should Sunday night be "Ice Cream Sundae Sunday Night?" Is Friday night "Video-and-Pizza Night?" With a little thought and family sharing, we can plan nurturance for our families in the coming year with the activities that filled our hearts in the past year.

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