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Plastic Eggs

Boy with kangaroo

In spring, eggs are used by many religions and cultures
This egg activity can also provide enrichment opportunities

  • Plastic colored eggs (the kind that open up)
  • Playdough
  • Decorations: paint, stickers, glue and glitter
  • optional: book about hatching, such as Chickens Aren't the Only Ones by Ruth Heller
Craft Activity: Decorate the eggs. Use playdough to make creatures to put inside the eggs and then have the creatures hatch.

Enrich the Activity Creatively: Talk about creatures and animals that hatch from eggs, perhaps with the help of a book. Encourage your child's thinking process and imagination. The goal is not right or wrong answers for your child, but the encouragement of curiosity and creativity. For adults, the goal is gaining a richer understanding of how your child thinks.

If dragons hatched from eggs, what would they look like? What insects do you think hatch from eggs? How do creatures in eggs think? eat? feel? know when to break out of their shell?how do they break out of their shell?

Enrich the Activity Emotionally and Socially: Use the eggs for hide'n'seek. Young children enjoy peek-a-boo and hiding activities because it helps them work on separation issues. When playing hide-n-seek, children become more comfortable with the fact that "things disappear, then reappear, things disappear, then reappear," which helps calm separation anxiety. Enjoy! (For further info, see iBlankie article Separation Anxiety.)

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