Kids and Summer - iBlankie - Parental Tips to Raising Happy Kids - Parents Instruction Manual

2 Things You Need to Do for Your Kid this Summer

Push your child outdoors

Your child needs to be outside as much as possible. There is nourishment and growth and healing in nature. Swimming at the pool or the beach, running around trees, picking blueberries at a farm, catching fireflies at dusk-these outside mini-adventures awaken all of your child's senses and engage all of your child's attention. Children love hands-on experiences. Your child needs The Great Outdoors for their own Great Explorations and to feel connected to the natural world.

Let your child daydream

Many children's lives are over-scheduled, even in summer. These busy schedules can be fun and exhausting for your child. It is important for your child to have down time, "veg" time, do-nothing time. Your child needs lots of open space and free time to allow their own thoughts and interests and feelings to emerge. Doing nothing is a great thing. Daydreaming is a great thing.

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