Transitional Tears - iBlankie - Parental Tips to Raising Happy Kids - Parents Instruction Manual

The Calm After the Storm:
Transitional Tears

Children have got it right. Tears-whether during a tantrum or with disappointment over no dessert or when a fire engine gets taken from them-are freeing. They help release all that feeling. They help wash the slate clean. After the tears we can start anew.

Tears are great for parents, too. We need to feel as comfortable as children are with letting it all flow out-be it a bumpy day at work or a disappointment in ourselves for yelling at our child or exhaustion from a sleep-deprived night or relief that we survived an earthquake or wildfire. Tears can help us transition to a calmer place.

"The cure for everything is salt water---sweat, tears and the sea." ---Isak Dinesen

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