Uncertainty and Anxiety in Parenting

May 7th, 2013

Once I bought a book for myself called: “At Home in Muddy Water: A Guide to Finding Peace within Everyday Chaos,” by Ezra Bayda. I never read the book. The title was comfort enough—that there didn’t need to be clarity at the moment in some of my everyday parenting decisions, that I could make decisions based on my heart and my gut even if I wasn’t crystal-clear and able rationally to defend my thought process.

Trying to be comfortable with uncertainty was a new concept for me. Many of my parenting decisions caused me anxiety. I needed to relax into the uncertainty (and trust in the universe? A hard task for a hovering mother.) In looking back over the years, too many of my parenting decisions were fraught with anxiety. I needed to learn to give up control over how much control I had and needed. And go with the flow. And trust.

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