March 19th, 2013

Even a 2-year-old can learn to recognize a STOP sign. Take a piece of red construction paper, cut it into an octagon, write “STOP” on it, punch a hole in the top and put a  string through the hole for hanging.  Put the STOP sign on a sibling’s bedroom doorknob to remind your child to stay out of their room; put this on a castle that one child has created to remind another child to leave it standing; put this on your home office door or hold it up when you are talking on your phone and don’t want to be disturbed. Do some of your electronic devices need STOP signs on them to remind your child to leave them alone?

You might want to get a green octagon marked “GO” to attach to the other side so that the STOP sign can be flipped to a GO sign when your child can enter their sibling’s room, when the castle can be taken down and put away, or when you can be interrupted at your home office.

Note: STOP signs are not enough when safety is involved. They are for setting visual limits when safety is not an issue.

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