Sock puppet


April 2nd, 2013

Puppets capture the imagination. Most children respond to puppets, to puppet conversation, and to puppet requests. The puppets can be store-bought, an old sock, or even your bare hand moving like a mouth (with or without magic marker eyes).

When I taught 3-year-olds, I had Bunny the Clean-up Puppet. Bunny would whisper in a child’s ear, “Please put either the big block or the little block on the shelf and come back for a bunny hug.” In many years of teaching, there was never one child who didn’t follow Bunny’s requests and every child always came back for a hug.

Puppets can provide the distance between you and your child necessary to avoid power struggles, to encourage positive behaviors, to promote self-esteem, and to help set limits.

“Listen to Dragon puppet. He’s saying, ‘Time to brush your teeth. Do you want to brush his teeth after you’ve finished with your teeth?”

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