Angry little girl

Just Say “OH”

January 28th, 2014

“It Takes Two to Tango” is an old song. And it takes two to tangle. It takes two people to have a power struggle. If your child is hankering for a power struggle, then don’t engage. Don’t be that other half of the power struggle. Whatever they say, respond with a non-judgmental, quiet “Oh.” Or even say nothing at all.

Know yourself. Are you tango-prone or tangle-prone? Do you tend to cooperative or compete in situations? I grew up with three sibling and we were all competitive. I am tangle-prone and used to engaging in power struggles. That quality isn’t helpful in raising children. I had to learn the hard way to bite my tongue—say nothing or respond with a quiet “Oh.” It is a learned behavior, but one worth learning (and it will prepare you well for your child’s teenage years!)

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