Family Dinner


April 30th, 2013

Rituals can provide structure to your family time. A favorite ritual from when my children were growing was Friday Night Dinner.

When my children were young, my dinner goal was one home-cooked dinner a week. I designated Friday as the meal that I would do an old-fashioned cooked-from-scratch, meat-and-potatoes-and-veggie meal that I considered super health—comfort foody. I could make that happen once a week–it relieved my guilt around other meals that weren’t quite as healthy or as homemade or traditional as I liked. As my children got older, this Friday meal also became the one meal per week that children couldn’t skip because of playdates or afterschool activities. I loved starting each weekend with wonderful family connecting time over a nourishing homemade meal.

I often suggest that parents have a Friday ritual to start the weekend in an easy way—Friday night as Pizza and Video Night often works. You and your child can take turns choosing which video and which pizza and which dessert. Videos are great because tired parents can semi-sleep through them after a challenging week. 

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