Evolving a Discipline Style

October 29th, 2013

When my children were young, I was trying to find my way to my own discipline style. I certainly didn’t want to be authoritarians like both my mother and my father. However, as an adult, I found that their modeling had a strong hold on me. As a parent I wanted to be so different from my parents that in a discipline situation I started out being very permissive. That didn’t work well for me because my needs weren’t being met and then I felt like a doormat, so I quickly became impatient and authoritarian. That caused power struggles, so I would then try the creative discipline approach, “using freedom within limits.”

Sometimes all of this occurred within the space of five minutes! Over time, the creative discipline approach felt more natural and, with much practice, became my go-to method for discipline situations. Finding my own discipline style was definitely a growing and learning experience for me!

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