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Books For Challenging Feelings

February 4th, 2014

Every child (and every person) has rebellious energy at times. Help channel your child’s challenging energy through books. Books can normalize feelings and provide an outlet for these feelings. Some suggestions:

Younger Children

Blumenthal, Deborah, “The Chocolate-Covered-Cookie Tantrum”

Duncan, Riana, “When Emily Woke Up Angry”

Everitt, Betsy, “Mean Soup”

Mitchell, Edna Preston, “The Temper Tantrum Book”

Rey, H.A., Curious George Series

Simon, Norma, “I Was So Mad!”

Steig, William, “Spinky Sulks.”

Older Children

Blume, Judy, “The Pain and the Great One.” Deals with sibling competition

Cain, Barbara S., “Double-Dip Feelings” Helps children deal with several emotions at once

Conlin, Susan & Susan LeVine Friedman, “All My Feelings at Preschool: Nathan’s Day”

Conlin, Susan & Susan LeVine Friedman,  “All My Feelings At Home: Ellie’s Day”

Crary, Elizabeth, “Dealing with Feelings: I’m Mad.”

Crary, Elizabeth, “Dealing with Feelings: I’m Frustrated”

Moser, Adolph, Ed.D., “Don’t Pop YourCorkon Mondays!”

Viorst, Judith, “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.”

Wilhelm, Hans, “Let’s Be Friends Again.”

Zolotow, Charlotte, “The Hating Book.”

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