About iBlankie - Parents Instruction Manual - Creator Irene Shere

About iBlankie

Advice When You Need It - Raising and teaching young children can be both challenging and rewarding, but many times parents wish for a manual to carry around with them. iBlankie fills that void by helping you with proven strategies and techniques to manage your child's development with downloadable articles available for purchase online, providing easily accessible resources for parents and early childhood professionals caring about young children.

About iBlankie Creator Irene Shere

After stepping into her first classroom in 1970, Irene Shere taught in college, high school, middle school, elementary school, and preschool and was the director of a school for several years. In 1992 Irene became a member of The American Counseling Association and she also founded The Early Childhood Consultation Center, which specializes in challenging behaviors of young children. As Director of The Early Childhood Consultation Center, she has been an educational consultant and family consultant to several thousand families and teachers, working with them in her offices, in their family homes and in their private and public schools, providing skills and techniques to turn children’s developmental stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

Irene has presented over 500 educational workshops to parents and teachers in venues including The World Bank, The Federal Reserve Board, Goddard Space Flight Center, Babies ‘R’ Us, adoption agencies, pediatricians’ offices, hospitals, and grassroots parent groups, as well as daycare centers and schools.

Irene hopes these articles empower you to create more harmonious families and classrooms.

About The Early Childhood Consultation Center

The Early Childhood Consultation Center, founded by Irene Shere in 1992, provides services and support to parents and early childhood professionals caring for children.

The Center provides educational workshops for schools, businesses and organizations on topics such as:

  • Positive Discipline
  • Anger Management for Children & Adults
  • Power Struggles & Temper Tantrums
  • Sibling Relationships
  • Conflict Resolution
The Center also works with individual families and public and private schools, providing on-site consultations for children's challenging behaviors. The Center focuses on turning children's stumbling blocks into stepping stones.